A tall story

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So, before Christmas one of my friends asked me to make his girlfriend a pair of giraffe earrings and here they are! Thought I'd also share some photos of them taking shape; it wasn't completely plain sailing though, as once I'd pierced out the first pair, I decided that they were probably too long legged for a pair of earrings, so started again. I put them aside, I didn't know what I would need a pair of giraffes for in the future but I had a feeling they would come in useful at some point.

Sure enough, my husband came running in from work a few weeks ago to get ready for a black tie work dinner. It was only then that we realised that when our house was burgled in July last year, they didn't only take pretty much all the jewellery that I'd ever made, but all my husbands cuff links too. No panic though, his resourceful wife had two majestic giraffes just waiting to be soldered onto cuff link mechanisms. Ready in 30 minutes flat, with the taxi waiting outside while I cleaned them up, nothing like working under pressure!



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