I've always loved jewellery. When I was little I used to love rummaging through my big sisters' jewellery boxes, desperate for my thirteenth birthday which for some reason had been designated as the time that I could get my ears pierced. I remember the little teardrop shaped earrings that my sister bought me ready for when the boring sleepers could be taken out; then, predictably, being inconsolable when I lost one of them in Leeds. I remember the pretty purple ones that my other sister bought me as replacements. Why is it always the earrings that we love so much that we loose? Note to self..... provide rubber safety backs with the earrings that I sell!


I grew up in Hamilton in Scotland and originally studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, but part of me always wanted to design and make jewellery. I trained and worked for several years as a primary teacher then decided enough was enough and took the (I like to say brave, but others might say reckless) decision to quit my full time teaching job and begin a jewellery manufacture diploma at Holt's Academy in London's Hatton Garden. This course was perfect for me, completely about the skills and techniques needed to make quality jewellery and I can highly recommend the training I recieved there.


I now live in Cambridge with my husband. I started selling some of my work last christmas and have completed several commissions but it's taken till now for me to feel confident and ready to launch Morven Dalton Jewellery. There are still lots of techniques I want to learn and other aspects to setting up a buisness that I'm sure will create a steep learning curve. Hopefully I'll be able to share the process with you!

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